Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tilda Dolls Finally finished

I made some Tilda Dolls with my own dress and short patterns that I created. Each of these dolls are Christmas Gifts Heading to their new homes soon. Just need to package them up and send them on their way. Each of the dolls have their own pair of shorts.

This first Tilda Doll is for one of my nieces.  She said she wanted Elsa type hair.  

LOVE how her hair turned out.

This second Doll is going to my other niece.  She wanted Blonde hair.  I put her in pigtail braids for easier  styling later. 

The next 2 Tilda dolls are going to my mom. She is giving one to my cousins daughter and one stepbrothers daughter. My mom requested both of the dolls be blonde. These were the first 2 I made before I started the other two above. These two also have their own pair of shorts. They have thick curly pigtail braids.

I made two jackets and a cape. The first jacket in the photo was the first one I tried. It is form fitting or snug/tight.

This 2nd jacket is a little looser and easier to take on and off. 

Made a reversible cape.

Not sure if I am sending out the jackets and the cape yet. I may put these on other dolls. Havent quite decided yet. 

Happy Crafting!!!


  1. I absolutely love them, love the jackets and cape, too. The little boots are just darling...wonderful job!!

    1. thank you very much! i loved making them. took alot of hours and days to get them done but im satisfied.