Friday, February 27, 2015

Altered Composition Journals

Here are some altered journals that I made using Composition books. I altered them on the front and back. The larger ones have pockets on the inside. 

First one here is a Mini Composition book. Its a Breast Cancer Awareness Journal

Here is another book. This is the normal sized composition journal.  Hello Kitty is waving at you.

Here is one with Olaf on it. He's happy to see you and looking for a hug! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Toilet Paper Holder

Made this so if they run out of toilet paper no one has to scream through the door asking for toilet paper lol

San Diego Wild Animal Park Album

Here is another finished 12 x 12 album. FINALLY done. It took a few days and alot of hours to complete this. Love how its colorful and fun. I hope my son will enjoy this as he gets older.  I did get some help with the layouts from . I used some of her layouts and made it my own. 

Here is a link to watch a short video I made of the book. 

Happy Crafting!!!

Hand Made Art Easels

Finished creating 2 more art easels! I measured, marked, sawed, sanded, drilled holes, and put screws in them! Took me a few hours because I hand sawed them with a hack saw lol. Wanted to spray paint them but whats the point. hehe Love them! 

Happy Crafting!!!

Card for my aunt

Here is a cute card I made for my grand aunt Peggy. She had a procedure done to help remove a tumor she has. I wanted to make her a card. Not just any card something HAPPY. Well here is a cute Sock Monkey that I made. Doesn't she look happy?!  I got the file from .  I loved making these. It took time because of the pieces you have to cut out. I love how it turned out. I stamped it with a Smile stamp.  I hope this makes her feel better. I know she will be having a few more procedures done so I will be sending more cards hehe. 

Happy Crafting!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Gorilla Project

someone was looking for a gorilla on one of my scrapbook groups im in. she had a stuffed gorilla so i drew a photo of it and turned it into a svg file. the first one was a little bit on the "fur" part so i redid it and here is the end result

First File I made and Cut

2nd File I made and cut

These will be shipped to their new owner soon!

Friday, February 20, 2015

 Here are a few things that I've worked on and finished. 

This is an altered cigar box. I took a old cigar box and turned it into a beautiful box. It can be used as a jewelry box, gift box, letter box or whatever you see fit to use it as. 

Here is an art easel that I created with scrap materials. I did cut it shorter later on because it was too tall. 

Here is a better art easel that I created. I bought a 1"x 2" x 8' piece of wood and I cut it into 4 pieces at 2' each. I bought screws and wing nuts to connect it. Cost me less than 3.00 to make this!!!! I bought enough to make 2 more! Cost me less than 10.00 to make a total of 3!!!!!

I had to measure, cut, and sand it! Once I got the sizes and measurements the other 2 should be easier to make!

Friday, February 6, 2015

2 infinity scarves

Here are a couple more scarves that I had finished last night. They were so much fun! Finally using up the yarn that I have in my stash.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My latest 2 Skirts

Here I created 2 skirts. One is a Comic Book Star Wars skirt with Pockets and the 2nd one that I created is a Walking Dead Skirt with Pockets.

I am getting better at making these! I love them. I have to wear tights with them right now because it is a bit chili here.