Friday, February 20, 2015

 Here are a few things that I've worked on and finished. 

This is an altered cigar box. I took a old cigar box and turned it into a beautiful box. It can be used as a jewelry box, gift box, letter box or whatever you see fit to use it as. 

Here is an art easel that I created with scrap materials. I did cut it shorter later on because it was too tall. 

Here is a better art easel that I created. I bought a 1"x 2" x 8' piece of wood and I cut it into 4 pieces at 2' each. I bought screws and wing nuts to connect it. Cost me less than 3.00 to make this!!!! I bought enough to make 2 more! Cost me less than 10.00 to make a total of 3!!!!!

I had to measure, cut, and sand it! Once I got the sizes and measurements the other 2 should be easier to make!

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