Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cute Baby Beanie

Crocheted a infant beanie with a flower. Sewed a pearl in the center. Its very soft!

FINDS from blah to YAH

I spent about 16.00 total for everything here! It was a deal!


Took of the mannequin cover to wash because it was DIRTY. It did shrink a little

I had to put 2 bottom screws in because they were missing them. Thats ok it works now hehe. 

How creepy are these two. There were all sorts of nasty!!!! GROSS!!!!


Mod Podge the heads to cover the paint and creepy eyes. I did take off the crud inside and other things that were inside. Scrubbed a little of the paint too. 

Used book pages to mod podge on heads. They dont look creepy now right?!

Friday, March 27, 2015

More Lollipop Holders

Some Lollipop holders using Cricut Doodlecharms Cartridge. Used Chalk pastels for the noses, cheeks and ears! Used my white gel pen and fine tip permanent marker.

My daughter and I made some goodies for the Animal Expo March 28th from 10-4. You should have seen her make the goodies
**Froot Loop Boomer Treats (like rice crispy treats)
**Rice Crispy Treats with Chocolate and Sprinkles
**Strawberry Cupcakes with purple frosting and candies on top

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birthday Card

Here is a simple birthday card I made for a friend. Just cut a card stock long enough to hold the Prima doll stamped image. I stamped it on 3 different card stocks. Fussy cut the dress, shoes, and hair. Highlighted her hair with a fine point permanent marker and white gel pen.  Used the marker and pen on the rest of the doll. Used the white gel pen around the card. Used my new Martha Stewart stamps for the sentiment. I stamped the boarder then the sentiment. I then fussy cut it out and popped it up on fun foam and hot glued it down. Jazzed it up with bling.  Blinged up the doll with a necklace and on her boots. Used pastel chalk for blush on her cheeks.

I will be giving it to her tomorrow. Hope she likes it. It is one of a kind just like her. 

Mine Creeper Pink Lollipop holders

Here are the pinks ones of the ones I posted earlier

MineCreeper Lollipop holders

Here are some Mine Creeper Lollipop holders. The image is from a group page on Facebook. The image is for members only. You can apply here https://www.facebook.com/groups/448820591850196/ . Their store site is here http://svgcuttingfiles.com/ .

They do awesome blog hops and have great items in their store. 

I colored the creeper with highlighters and crayola markers. Then I popped up the corners so that it looks like he is coming out of the wall or punched it. The lollipops are DumDums. They are a bit small for this design but love them lollipops hehe. 

more doodle cards

Here are some more cards. Just having fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Display shelves

Here are my latest shelves. I made these display shelves for my craft shows. I know they will take up space in my craft room but they will also save me space and will allow me to show more of my pieces. 

These are the spray paint colors that I used to complete my shelves. 

Hand made shelves

Here is a shelf  I made using plywood, wood glue, screws, spray paint, acrylic paint (ran out) on the inside, and varnish to coat the acrylic paint.  Made this to help me at my craft shows. I have 2 more different sized ones in the works. I need them to help me display all my items with the little space I get a craft shows. I hope I can get my stuff all sorted hehe.

Latest Doodles

Just doodling on some blank index cards. Used permanent black markers and crayola markers. Just sitting on my computer and decided to make a few over the last few days.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Imagine drawings

I was sitting here watching/playing my World of Warcraft game. While waiting for things I started doodling. This is what I came up with. One of my Facebook Groups is having an event and you have to use the word Imagine. 

Materials Used:

Fine point Permanent Marker
Crayola Markers
Apricot Crayon for skin
Kosher Salt

This girl just came to while I was playing. Just kept drawing till I liked the end result. 

Used a brush and water on the yellow parts then added Kosher Salt. Let it sit for about 30 mins and then scraped it off. It gave it a nice texture to it. 

I used Water on the shirt of this guy and then the Kosher Salt. Left it on there a little bit.  Turned the gray shirt different color but also gave it some texture and added some discoloration on the shirt. Looks like dots. I've been drawing this guy since middle school. I saw a face of this on a cartoon sheet. I have modified and changed it since then.

This one is one of my doodles I usually do with my art work. The only thing is I didn't fill in the hole thing. Some people might not see the word in it. I will make another one where it is hidden. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Imagine Art Piece

Its still drying. Used a technique I saw my kids use in art class a few weeks ago. Did mine a little different. Took a blank index card and drew with a permanent marker. Then used my highlighters and kids markers to color it all in. Then I used a paint brush and brushed water all over the colors. Then sprinkled Kosher Salt all over. More in some places than others. Let sit for 20 mins. Wiped away. And this is what came of it. I could have waited longer to fully dry paper. But wanted to see what I made. Then I added IMAGINE to the side of it. I will sign it once done and Abandon it somewhere for someone to find or abandon it in the mail for someone!

The photo's below are of it fully dried. It changes once dried.