Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas presents in the works

I am currently working on some Tilda dolls for my 2 nieces, cousins daughter, and step brothers daughter. Need to finish them before Christmas so I can get them shipped out. I made my own dress pattern and shoes for them.  On the doll already made I hand rolled tiny roses to put on the shoe. The dress is lined. She also has a pair of shorts that fit her perfectly!  I made a pattern for that too! I did have to hand sew the bottom where the legs are on the shorts because it was too hard to machine sew it. I have 3 bodies sewn and cut out and 1 arm sewn and cut out. Finished drawing the legs and arms. I was not sure if I was going to have enough fabric but it was perfect! I have a few scraps left after I sew and cut. Going to draw another pattern for the dolls. I want them to all be different and one of a kind for the girls who are receiving them.

More photos to come!

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