Monday, December 15, 2014

Barbie Wheeping Angel Christmas Topper

Here is my Barbie Wheeping Angel Christmas Topper Inspired by Doctor Who! This project took me a full week to do because of all the drying, glueing and letting that dry, and the different layers of paint to dry. 

I saw someone on pinterest make something similar. I thought that they were great!!! You can find 

Used air dry clay for everything. Underneath the dress I used a paper towel tube and water bottle but I cut the water bottle tooo short and took tooo much off the top of the water bottle thus the paper towel tube. 

After I molded and glued the wings on I spray painted the barbie. Several layers went into spraying the barbie. The white coat x 2 and the stone coat x 2-3. I tried to move the arms after adding the coat of stone but it crumbled. So I cant move it without it falling off. Sad face. Anywho I love the way it came out and is sitting on my Christmas tree.

Once Christmas is over we can have it home on a table or my husband will probably take it to work and put it next to the TARDIS Box I made him.

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