Monday, February 20, 2017

Crazy Year

Wow its been a crazy year and lots have been going on. I've been dog sitting and working a lot. Especially these past few months with the holiday season going on its been crazy. I have been crafting when I had time off and when I can. You can see all my latest items on my Facebook page or visit my Etsy shop for other items  . I have been mostly crocheting items for co-workers lately and also making vinyl decals for those who wanted the. Here are just a few of the items I've been working on. They are not in order or anything.

Most of my items are for sale in my Etsy shop. Come by and visit it HERE

This is for a lady at work. Hi Tammy!

Made this for a girl at work for her birthday. Hi Erin!

Another one for Tammy!

This is for a lady at my Husbands work. She had that baby but this is my first Diaper Cake

Learned how to make fingerless gloves this past year so I made quite a few. Sent a lot to my mom in Missouri so she can give to the girls at her work seeing it gets cold in the warehouse. Leaned to make messy bun beanies and tried my hand at making Pikachu beanies. 

Fingerless gloves of Jake from Adventure Time

Messy Bun beanie Pikachu

An album that is ready for photos. Find it for sale HERE

Another album ready for photos.  Its for sale HERE

My most recent beanie I just finished today. Unicorn beanie you can find it for sale HERE

Finished this Black Hawks beanie for Tammy last week!

Logo for a friend at work. Its for her husband. I made like 28 of these for his business. 

Please check out my site for more updates of what I've been up too and creating. Hopefully I will be back into writing on my blog and sharing all the items I've been making

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