Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hand Crafted Violin

I used a template that a friend drew out. Instead of printing it out I turned it into a Silhouette File.  Making it much easier to cut out. I made it bigger than the size originally used.  I just made it fit the cereal boxes that I used. I even made a making bow to go with!!!!

Used the Chipboard (Silhouette) settings which were at blade 5, speed 1 cm (slowest), thickness is 33. Used it on the double cut feature. 

I tried to make it just like a violin or close to it. Daughter has a play toy violin so I looked at that one. Used Tim Holtz papers for this and Gesso Acrylic white paint. Used Rice Crispy Cereal boxes for this. Used Recollections flowers, handmade resin flowers, other paper flowers, bling and fused pearls.

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