Thursday, October 2, 2014


This is what I came up with for my daughters display stand to hold her Rainbow Loom Stuff on. PVC pipes, connectors, caps, and Spray paint. 

saw an idea on pinterest but changed the idea to my own! I came up with this. 

here is what i saw

Its 24 inches tall

Here is my display for my Crocheted beanies that I made. 

Saw this similar idea on pinterest. She used wood. heres the idea--->

I had an idea of those paper mache balls but wasnt sturdy enough. I kept having to stuff them and they wouldnt look right. I thought of using that expanding foam but my canister got clogged and hey why not use my rolled balls to hold the beanies right?! I have another stand just need to roll my yarn into balls and put them on the other stand. Clever right! hehe

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