Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tilda Doll-Michelle

Here is Tilda Doll-Michelle. Here is my 6th Doll ever made. Took me a couple weeks to finish because I was sick then I got stumped on how to make her. Finally finished her over the last 2 days. I named her after Michelle Pipeling because she sent me the fabric she is wearing in a nice RaK box. Thanks again Michelle! I got the lace and roses from my friend Mary. Used baby soft yarn for her hair. Chalk pastels for her cheeks. A apple color acrylic paint for her eyes (first time using paint for eyes). The purse can be removed if you cut the thread holding it in place. Shes got little roses on her shoes. Made a bandanna head piece. Everything is serged to finish off her clothing and bandanna.  First time I made a Tilda doll with bendable elbows. 

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