Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Up Coming Craft Show

Wow the holiday season is winding down and the Craft Shows are coming to a close. This is my 5th and Final Craft Show of the year (I hope). Hehe. 2 of the Craft Shows were totally awesome and I've sold lots of inventory and well for the other two it totally pissed me off haha. This 5th one I hope will do well. Trying to downsize my stash. If you guys or gals are in the area I will be here 

I hope to see you there! Ive met so many crafters and had a ball there. Great people! Have a wonderful day today!


  1. Best of luck on your last craft show.
    I really wanted to go a craft show here last weekend and was so mad when I totally forgot about it...grrrr.

  2. yeah when i do craft shows and i see other shows or yard sales i want to do i cant because im doing one haha. thanks for commenting