Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Banner I won from MichisPaperArts8 on YT

Here are two pictures of my banner that I won from MichisPaperArts8 on youtube. She had a giveaway and omg it was a beautiful banner!!! i love it MICHI.

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks so much for hanging my sign in your craft room. remember, you can totally revamp it is you like with some fibers or something. Your such a pretty girl. It's good to see pics of you. OMG, I had no idea you had those bodyform tmeplates. I'm going to have to buy some when I get mre money.. Super cool. my girlfriend who has a bridal company ( I do photo shoots with her, I do the make-up) I wanted to make a banner with her name Kelly. SOmething that looks like a wedding dress.
    Ya know what? I'll take the corset bosy form please. How much are they? I will send you a check tomorrow or however you like payment. Yay! I'm excited to make her a Christmas present....Thanks again for everything.
    Your new friend.