Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Photos of recent Minis coming soon.

Hey everyone its ME again. LOL I have pictures of my recent minis coming up soon. If you head to my youtube channel at you can see my work that Ive done.

I have also been working on several swaps. I am currently working on a flowers swap with a girl on youtube named Jules who is at . Shes sooooo sweet and inspirational. Also working on a diecut swap with Amy at who is sooo sweet to do this for us gals. The last swap I'm going to start soon is another flower swap and that is with Sonya at .

I have a busy month ahead of me on top of filling out papers to enroll my daughter in Pre-K and her turning 4 years old this month. Busy busy busy mommy stuff. Well look for the those photos coming soon. Just need to upload them when the hubby isnt playing video games LOLOLOL.

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