Friday, September 26, 2014

Upcycled Daughters Long Sleeve To a Tank

I turned my daughters long sleeve shirt into a cute tank shirt with rainbow lining on the sleeves and a ruffle on the bottom.

I cut the sleeves off. Cut the blanket binding in half. Folded the binding on each side to make it smaller for the sleeves. Then I cut a larger piece and surged the ends of it. Then made a ruffle on the bottom to create this. I wanted to test this idea I had on her shirt. A little spots here and there but thats ok. I also thought about adding hearts or stars to the stained parts. we'll see hehe

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tilda Doll 7- Regina

Here is a doll I created. Once I had the idea of her I knew from the very first moment I wanted to call her Regina. I named her after a friend I and my high school had lost my senior year of high school. She always made me laugh and I made her laugh. This doll reminded me of her so I named her after her. The yarn I used for her hair was multi-colored. I pulled only the black parts off. Then I combed it down to make it look more like hair.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tilda Doll-Michelle

Here is Tilda Doll-Michelle. Here is my 6th Doll ever made. Took me a couple weeks to finish because I was sick then I got stumped on how to make her. Finally finished her over the last 2 days. I named her after Michelle Pipeling because she sent me the fabric she is wearing in a nice RaK box. Thanks again Michelle! I got the lace and roses from my friend Mary. Used baby soft yarn for her hair. Chalk pastels for her cheeks. A apple color acrylic paint for her eyes (first time using paint for eyes). The purse can be removed if you cut the thread holding it in place. Shes got little roses on her shoes. Made a bandanna head piece. Everything is serged to finish off her clothing and bandanna.  First time I made a Tilda doll with bendable elbows. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

ATCs and Tags

Here are some of the things that I've created and sent off to their new owners last year in 2013. Some of them I have kept and others were mailed. Love the creation of how different these all are. 

Altered and upcycled gift bags that I created

Here are some altered lunch bags that were bought at Michael's Arts and Craft Store. These were made for gifts and a challenge in one of my Facebook scrapbook groups. The items used on the front are from cards and other items that I love and thought would go together. My handmade butterflies shown in photo 2 were made from prima flowers.

Altered Items That I've Sold

Here are some items from last year that I altered from plain boxes to these beautiful altered art works.  These items were sold at either craft shows, Facebook, or on Etsy. There are some of my fun pieces. I love looking at them. I love to create items that I would love to keep but you know  you cant always keep what you create. If I did that I'd have soooooo much stuff. 

Recent Creations

 Here are some of my latest creations.

 Tinkerbell Altered Composition Book

Small Autograph/journal/sketch book

Large  Autograph/journal/sketch book

Ninja Turtle Altered Composition Book

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flowers Flowers and more flowers!

Tons of pretty fabric loopy flowers, paper quilled flowers, and crocheted flowers. I love flowers cant you tell. I bought a new cuttlebug quilling kit from michaels with my 50% coupon during the labor day sale. wasnt sure that it was going to work but tried and it did. I thought that it was going to be the same one that my mother in law had but it was totally different. its still great. i really only wanted the tool lol. i need to buy larger plates to cut these better. been cutting them on an angle because they dont quite fit right with my regular plates. need to buy the long A plate. anywho i hope you try to make some pretty flowers.

Fabric Name Banner

Here is a banner I created for my upcoming craft shows. Used everything on hand. Fabric for the banner, lace for the trim (from Wal-Mart), white felt for the letters, and Satin white ribbon my crafty friend sent me. Everything is machine sewn together. Took 2 days to complete seeing I've been under the weather for 4-5 days now. I'm getting better. Had energy to make this lol. I had to stop alot to rest. I love how it turned it. Kept contemplating whether to add flowers and letters on top but that wouldnt work with the materials I have. I'll have to buy wood letters to do that one. Enjoy!